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Creamy Potato

Cubed potatoes tossed with bell peppers, spring onions and coated in a grain mustard dressing

Tossed Greens

Assorted garden greens topped with shredded vegetables and dressed with house dressing

Honey glazed carrots

Lightly-steamed baby carrots, then glazed in butter, orange juice and honey

Minted peas

Flavoured with creamy mint sauce

Broccoli and cauliflower Mornay

Lightly-steamed vegetables coated in a white Cheddar Mornay sauce and baked with a crusty topping

Medley of seasonal vegetables

Fresh seasonal vegetables steaming hot liaison with butter

Creamy Pasta Bake

Bite-sized pasta baked in a creamy mushroom sauce topped with cheese (V)

Mediterranean lasagne

Layers of grilled vegetables sandwiched between pasta sheets finished with a rich tomato and basil sauce, top with mozzarella (V)

Apple and Berry Crumble

layers of juicy apples and berries are topped with a crisp crumble

Chocolate Mud Cake

Layers of dark chocolate ganache and chocolate fudge frosting